Open adoption is when a child gets adopted but the biological parents are still allowed to have a relationship with the child.

Depending on the agreement, extended family may be permitted to be involved as well. This means the child’s biological aunts, uncles, grandparents and any other relatives could be part of the child’s life.

This sounds appealing to many people but has many hardships
associated with it. It can be a wonderful thing if everything goes smoothly but people tend to disagree on things by nature and even more so when it involves the raising of a child.

The most obvious difficulty arises with the adoptive parents having to see the biological family members once in a while.

The biological family members might give input on how to raise the child and other advice that may be unwanted. This can lead to conflicts and emotional turmoil for everyone involved including the child.

The best way to ensure an open adoption runs smoothly is to set up a strict set of rules and make sure everyone adheres to them at all times.

Schedules must be kept and everything has to be explained fully to the child when they are old enough to understand the situation. This contract is usually set up far in advance.

An open adoption does have the benefit of providing a gigantic support system for the child that will last a lifetime. As long as both parties get along, they can interact together once in a while and do all kinds of fun stuff together.

This will instill a great sense of worth in the child as so many people love them and take care of them but can be confusing at times. This type of open adoption isn’t very common because most adoptive parents want a child to themselves.