For many couples, adoption might be the only option to have a child. Sometimes people go many years trying to conceive only to find out there is some medical issue that is stopping them.

This could be due to either the man or the woman having reproductive problems. This can be devastating to couples that really want to have a child.

Luckily, adoption is a great alternative and is beneficial to two parties. The adoptive parents finally get the child they have always wanted and the child gets a great set of parents that will love and take care of them.

There are many different types of adoption that can be considered. Open adoption allows the biological parents and sometimes extended family members some level of contact.

Closed adoption keeps the biological parents secret so there is little chance of ever meeting them. There are also many different levels of open adoption.

Some open adoptions are sending pictures once in a while to a third party and some allow visitation. This is something to consider but you should do whatever makes you the most comfortable.

Adopting a child from overseas allows a child from a less fortunate country get a much better life but can have its difficulties.

If the child is of a different race than yours, there might be some confusion and a lot of explaining as the child gets older.

If you do find out you or your spouse is infertile, adoption remains one of the best options out there. If you know in your heart you would make a great parent, that is a gift that should definitely not go to waste.