Closed adoption is when a parent or parents adopt a child but the records of the biological parents are kept a secret.

Obviously, this can only be done with newborns and very young children who haven’t grown up around their biological parents.

This was one of the first types of adoption but more and more people are opting for open adoptions now.

Closed adoption guarantees that the adoptive and biological parents know nothing about each other. When the child reaches age 18, they may want to find out about their biological parents and that can sometimes be arranged by certain organizations.

Closed adoptions are great for those who want to truly have the feeling of being a parent with no outside interference.

Usually, the child is an infant or toddler when the adoption occurs and the adoptive parents raise them completely like their own blood.

This has some benefits to the adoptive parents that other adoption choices don’t have. There is no dealing with the biological family and very little chance of a difficult situation arising in the future.

Closed adoptions can be easier on a child because to them, they have always had one set of parents. As they grow up however, these parents or other family members may reveal to them that they are adopted and this can cause some stress but if they are old enough, they can appreciate the situation.

There are lots of services and counseling options that can help a child if they find out they are adopted at the wrong time.