Tips For Handling Business Phone Calls

Often times, we overlook the power of the telephone. There have been many times when I left the answering machine on to screen my calls. But I discovered that most people don’t like to leave a message. They would rather talk to a real live human being.

I saw this trait even in myself. When I was in the market to purchase a modem, for example, I called several companies comparing prices and features. If an answering machine came on, I normally would hang up the phone because I wanted the information NOW so I could make my decision. On modems I was especially interested in buying, I would leave a message. If the company didn’t call me back within 24-hours I forgot about them. In the end I chose to buy a modem from a company that had a higher price, but they seemed the most interested in my business and had, in fact, returned my telephone call.

Now I realize that as one-person operations, we cannot always answer all our telephone calls, but we can play back the messages as soon as possible and return telephone calls. In fact, almost every time I return a telephone message the customer will say: Thanks so much for calling me back. Some are amazed that I even made the effort. This tells me a large majority of people are losing a lot of business because they are afraid to return a few simple 2-minute telephone calls.

Now let’s look at how to handle the telephone call once you receive one. Learn to recognize the different types of people by LISTENING to them. Never, never, never do all the talking. Allow the customer time to explain what they want or need and then find a way to fill that need in the hopes of securing an order. Hardselling doesn’t work anymore. But when people WANT to buy from you, you have a good customer for life!!