Free Consultation

Hello. This page is to explain the purpose of the free initial consultation, what will be covered, and what will not be covered at your free initial consultation.

What is the purpose of the free initial consultation?

The purpose of the free initial consultation is to:

  • educate us about your problems (the facts) and needs (what solution you desire)
  • allow us to determine if we would be a good match for you or your needs
  • allow you to determine if we are firm you would like to work with

The purpose of the free initial consultation is not to provide free legal advice. The consultation IS covered by the attorney-client privilege.

What is covered at the free initial consultation?

Essentially, we will ask questions to probe your problem and needs to determine if we can help you. We will spend enough time to determine if we can help you. After we have asked questions, we welcome your questions about your case, expectations, and about our firm. We generally do not give out legal advice during the free initial consultation because that is not its purpose. Once the free consultation has concluded, if we feel we can assist you, we will ask you to make a decision on whether you wish to hire us or not.

How long will the consultation last?

As long as it needs to. We do not limit you to a small time frame which only adds pressure to the consultation. Most consultations last as little as fifteen to thirty minutes, but some have gone as long as two hours. Generally, we will allocate one-half hour, and if time is not available due to another appointment, we will reschedule and continue the consultation at a later date.
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